La Marocaine des Arts

samedi 13 mai 2017 17:30
Le studio des arts vivants - 38, avenue Abdelhadi Boutaleb Ain Diab, CASABLANCA
Informations sur la vente
Les estimations et prix des lots sont exprimés en Dirham Marocain


Galerie 38
38 avenue Abdelhadi Boutaleb Ain Diab CASABLANCA
du 8 au 12 mai de 10h a 19h
Renseignements : + 0021 26 610 449 25

Samedi 13 mai 2017 - 17h30 
Adresse : Le studio des arts vivants 
38 , avenue Abdelhadi Boutaleb Ain Diab CASABLANCA
Tél + 0021 26 610 449 25

Directeur des ventes : Fihr Kettani
+212 6 61 45 18 45

Responsable commercial : Khalil Saher
+212 6 35 45 32 08

Commissaire-priseur :  Maître Arnaud Cornette de Saint-Cyr
Conditions de ventes

People wishing to bid are requested to sign up before the sale with «La Marocaine des Arts.» They will receive an identification number.

Any interested person wishing to make an offer in writing or bid by phone must complete the form to be found at the end of the auction catalog.
This form should be sent to «La Marocaine des Arts» at the latest two days before the sale, together with bank details of the bidder.
It should be noted that in case of multiple bids for the same amount relating to the same object, priority will be given to the first bidder.
Telephone bidding is a free service offered to customers who cannot travel. «La Marocaine des Arts» cannot be held responsible for any problem related to the purchase order or telephone connection.

A public exhibition prior to the sale will be organized and will allow potential buyers to be aware of the conditions of the property offered for sale.

TERMS OF AUCTIONING : The sale will be valid only if paid in full and conducted in Moroccan Dirhams.
The guide price range shown next to each lot in the catalog is for information only and shouldn’t be relied on as an indication of reserve price, or representing professional valuations for any purpose.. The prices are exclusive of taxes and do not include extra costs payable by the buyer.
Bidding normally follows the order of progression listed in the catalog. The Auctioneer will be free to change the order, and bidders will be required to comply.
The auctioneer will have the discretion to split, combine or withdraw one or more lots. He also reserves the right to reject a bid auction and / or the adjudication of any lot.
The highest and last bidder will be the purchaser. In case of dispute between two bidders, the auctioneer has the right to cancel the sale and immediately return the item to auction.

Any lot auctioned shall be subject to an immediate paymen t up front at the place of sale.
Purchases may only be delivered to the buyer after the final payment.
For non-residents, payments in euros are accepted at the exchange rates applicable at the date of the auction.
Purchasers will be charged in addition to auctions, the following: • 16% + VAT i.e. 19.2% tax incl

• Risk transfer:
Once the auction is carried, the item will be under the sole responsibility of the purchaser. In no way will «La Marocaine des Arts» be liable for any damages that the items may incur later.

• Warranties:
The indications in the catalog engage the responsibility of the Auctioneer, subject to possible adjustments announced at the time of the presentation of the item and noted in the minutes of the sale.
The exhibition organized before the sale is intended to enable purchasers to realize the state of the items on sale. Therefore, no complaint on property will be allowed once the adjudication hammer falls.

• Applicable law:
The fact of bidding at auction, in in the room, by phone or in writing constitutes a firm offer to make a purchase, which commits the issuer in accordance with the Moroccan law.

Purchasers who have not withdrawn their prizes on the day of the sale may do so within 15 days free of charge upon presentation of the payment slip and by appointment at the address indicated in the catalog.
After this period, storage costs will be at the expense of the purchaser. Beyond eight weeks, «La Marocaine des Arts» reserves the right to either reopen paid unclaimed lots for sale, or have them transferred into storage at the purchaser’s charge and risk.
All formal procedures, including those relating to export and transport of the item will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
Cornette de Saint Cyr maison de ventes
6 avenue Hoche - 75008 Paris, France
Agrément 2002-379 / 2002-364
Tél : 33 (0)1 47 27 11 24

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